Boston gets the green light on hostel for abuse victims

by: Caitlin Camara

Boston Borough Council’s planning committee voted yes on plans to build a hostel for domestic violence victims and their children.

A three-bedroom house on Freiston Road will be converted into a facility that will house a maximum of three adults and seven children at a time.

The plans were given the go-ahead in spite of a petition and letter of objection signed by local residents, who were concerned that the violent and abusive partners of the residents would cause trouble in the area, which is located near Burgess Pitt play area for kids.  Residents were also upset that they were not properly consulted on the matter.

While I can understand their concerns, I can’t help but feel annoyed and somewhat shocked by people trying to prevent a facility that helps domestic abuse victims escape a dangerous, life-threatening situation from being built.

Boston Mayflower chief executive assured residents that proper measures have been put in place to address their concerns.

Mayor Councillor Mary Wright also supported the hostel plan, saying:

“I can see no problem with this application. We all need to try and live together in this world.”


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