Agony, horror, hate…….. and hope

Destroyed city of Future wallpaper from Dark wallpapers


By Ian Robinson

Last we left off James, William and Maureen are in the town and attempting to escape from the zombies. The next part of my skit will be the horror section. Up to this point our characters have encountered zombie after zombie killing them as they go.  This is the point where the transition would be smooth.

I want this to be the scariest scene in the movie.  The horror scene will, should, be the longest part in the movie as there’s nothing like a horrifying scene in a scary movie.  Once they escape the city through the sewer, they cross into the more rural parts of the city. The reach a house, that even though the sun shines on it, it remains dark all around. They enter and find more then they expect. This is where it has to be the most creative scene in this movie.

The beginning started off with a fight scene, which is essentially a long part in the movie. The next section of the film will be on horror, and then end with mystery. Aside from the ending, this scene should be the most challenging to create. In this scene Williams and Maureen’s relationship will grow,  while the situation around them is horrific, and a little hope for our characters….


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