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I know from experience that eating healthy is the most important way to begin losing weight. Breakfast, for example is extremely important because it jump starts your day and your metabolism. The biggest problem people run into with breakfast meals is what I like to call a lack of healthy creativity.‘s Jessica Brantley puts it best

“As a kid, you may have thought that Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Count Chocula were a great way to start the day. Now that you’re no longer a child, it’s time to put away childish things, like sugary breakfast cereals. Those of us who are serious about health and fitness know we need serious nutrition in the morning.”

The bottom line is you want to be energized, after eating your breakfast, and you want that energy to last you more than a couple of hours. Eat a breakfast that will stick with you for four or so hours keeping you content until lunch.

In the article below there are a few healthy breakfast options that are sure to kick it up a notch, from french toast, to protein filled muffins, these interesting and delicious meals will definitely help break the egg whites and oatmeal trend. It is all about finding ways to continue eating healthy while having the meals and flavors you used to, before your journey began.

A Healthy Breakfast Makes for A Healthy You!


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