Super local arts project

Jessica Reynolds

I’ve recently been introduced to Boston based artist collaboration, Project Super Friends, through an invite to an upcoming show they’re hosting at the Distillery Gallery downtown. This has become such an awesome way for local artists to network, making it a strong force within the Boston art scene. But above anything else, it’s about having fun. Its members contribute to collaborative pieces while still maintaining their own individual careers elsewhere.

Project SF is a collective of artists, designers and musicians founded on friendship, family and fame.

I’ll tell you about the event, but first here are some highlights about the movement I found on their website:

  • In 1999 Josh Falk, Mister Never, and Nick Z founded Project SF, first as a graffiti crew.
  • The artist collective grew to include a variety of artists and creative forms of media, while continuing to focus on the concept of collaboration.
  • In addition to its founders, today other artists contributing to Project SF are Dana Woulfe, Metalwing, Fish McGill, Enamel Kingdom, Soem, Kenji Nakayama, Evoker and Matthew Zaremba, now with members from New York and Rhode Island.

On Thursday May 10th, from 7PM until 9PM, Project SF will be hosting the opening reception to the show FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, at the Distillery Gallery on East Second St. Project SF members have each chosen an artist to showcase their individual and collaborative works of art from May 4th until May 31st.

Expect to see work from Marion Bolognesi, All Chrome, Pat Falco, Jay LaCouture, MCA, Peter Pracilio, Preys UPS, and their collaborative pieces with Project SF members.

Here’s their photostream to check out.

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