Why Nobody Goes to the Movies Anymore

Photo: lejoe/ Flickr CC

By Brittany Carragher

People do not like going to the movies anymore. The movie industry blames the people for pirating movies. The people blame the movie industry for high ticket and concession prices, but who is really to blame?

It is effortless and free to download movies. So why pay the high prices when you can watch a movie in the comfort of you’re own home.

Movie historian and TCM Film Festival host, Robert Osborne, would argue that the experience of being at the theatre is worth the price.

Eric Kohn from Indiewire interviews Osborne:

“No matter how big the screen is in your basement or your living room, you don’t get that communal experience. It’s missing from a lot of people’s lives now, particularly now that we’re sitting a lot in front of a computer screens by ourselves.”

Osborne is right, movie theaters must compete with computers, ipads, smart phones, and other devices but, it is more accessible for people to watch movies on their own.

However, I think the movie industry should offer more incentivies to their customers and lower the ridiculous prices. I don’t care if my movie is in 3-D or in an IMAX theater, I refuse to pay $15.00.

The LA Times Entertainment Industry writes about the problem:

“The average movie-ticket price in the U.S. climbed to an annual record of $7.93 in 2011, up from $7.89 the year before. Total box office revenue last year slumped 4% from the year before to an estimated $10.2 billion, while cinema attendance dropped 5% the National Assn. of Theatre Owners said.”

I enjoy the expereince of watching a movie in a theatre, but this is the age of downloading. College kids, including me, don’t have money to spend on a movie that we can just as easily download. I blame the movie industry for making the experience so expensive! If they really wanted more customers they would lower ticket and concession prices, in till then, keep downloading!




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