You can take the girl off-stage, but you can’t take the stage out of the girl

By Marianne Salza

I may have been an audience member during the Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Dance Project: Dance with Somebody, but I still had performance jitters.

Photo: Banjamin Thompson

I felt like I was turning, falling and leaping along with the dancers. It had me wondering if what I was experiencing was the Ideokinesis concept of the “mind’s eye,” which is visualizing a movement without engaging in the action.  It stimulates neurological pathways without unnecessary and unwanted muscle tension.

From Somatic Studies and Dance by the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science:

Visualizing is a powerful tool in linking mind and body in programming “right” (intended) action without excessive wear-and-tear on the body from physical practice.

The “Puppet Master” routine was my favorite and most chilling. It had all the ingredients of a horror film: dim, scarlet lights that created sharp shadows, eerie music, and dolls coming to life only to retaliate against and tear the limbs off of their creator. The dancers captured the essence of rampant puppets with their consistent, blank faces and precise, robotic movements.

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