Is Kim K’s new man abusive?

According to two scorned ex-girlfriends, Kim Kardashian’s alleged new man has a short temper and a violent past.

Kim Kardashian - BlackBerry Porsche P'9981

Kanye West’s ex-fiance Alexis Phifer accused West of shoving her into the bushes during a Fourth of July cookout.  Phifer claims the rapper became “angry and defensive” when she confronted him about the naked pictures of Kardashian she found on his phone.

Kanye’s ex-fiancé, Alexis Phifer, is accusing the rapper of pushing her into some bushes during a Fourth of July party. The altercation allegedly went down after Phifer confronted the rapper about a naked picture she found of Kardashian on West’s phone.

“Kanye was on his laptop, and Alexis came behind him and saw that he was looking at the screen of his phone — at a naked picture of Kim,”

says an unnamed source tells In Touch Weekly(via Media Takeout).

“They went outside, and Kanye pushed Alexis into some bushes with all his force. She was wearing a t-shirt and she got cuts and scratches everywhere and was bleeding. She was crying. But he just left her there. He got in his car and drove away.”

The saddest part? Phifer isn’t the first woman to accuse Kanye of abuse.


Last year, Media Takeout published an email in which West allegedly claimed that ex-girlfriend Amber Rose told people

“I beat her and all kinds of wild shit.”

So why is the newly divorced K sister dating someone with such a dark past?

Well, it’s apparently worked for Rihanna’s career; maybe she’s hoping to follow in her footsteps?


3 thoughts on “Is Kim K’s new man abusive?

  1. mansirl says:

    Did you actually just imply the possibility that Kim Kardashian wants to be beaten to increase her popularity? Or that Rihanna chose to be beaten by Chris Brown to further her career? I’m aware that you don’t support abuse, but you should consider rephrasing that last sentence.

    • Rihanna choosing to collaborate with a man who beat the shit out of her and choosing to continue a friendship with him is disgusting. There is a difference between forgiving someone and putting yourself in a shitty situation…again. Kim Kardashian dating someone who is known as an abusive, short-tempered boyfriend is, in my OPINION, really stupid. It is pretty obvious that Rihanna’s career became more successful after all the negative attention she received after her abuse. That is what is meant by my post.

    • Also, you probably shouldnt assume that I am implying anything. I meant what I said, not any underlying subtext you seem to think you’ve picked up.

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