“This is why I’ll never be an adult”

By: M. Tschaikowsky

I can’t really think of a more fitting description of my early-adult hood lifestyle. It’s damn hard being a student and living on your own; you have classes to attend, homework to do for those classes, work to go to so that you can pay your rent and (kind of) afford food. All of these responsibilities, plus having some sort of social life so that you don’t become some sort of weird social alien unable to properly make conversation with people because you’ve been disconnected for so long.

So it’s no wonder why it’s so easy to trick ourselves into thinking we are responsible, mature, financially stable adults when a trouble-free week with a lighter load of homework and a surplus in your bank account comes around.

My roommate and I have been through this vicious cycle about four times now and we fall for it every time. After approximately two months of survival solely on noodles and chips, mountains of dirty dishes, clothes spewed all over the floor, we will make a pact. Details include: let’s get some real food (too bad we’re too busy working and all of our perishables go bad before we get to eat them); let’s wash the dishes right after we use them (oops, laying on the couch unwinding from our busy days sounds much more appealing); let’s do laundry (ah, but laundry is so expensive, plus, our clothes don’t smell yet).

At least we can say we tried. Right? I guess we’re just not ready to grow up. But, who is?

Maybe we should use these sites for help:


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