Christians Should Act Appropriately

By: Justina Patch

Jesus may or may not say anything about homosexuality in the Bible but, he does say how people should be treated.

By: Istolethetv

Society has always questioned whether or not homosexuality is a sin.  The real issue people need to take into consideration is if the way they are acting towards the LGBTQ community is considered a sin.  If individuals that condemn the rights of the LGBTQ community consider themselves Christians, then they better start acting like it. It is almost impossible to turn on the news and not see another story about bullying or suicides within this community.  Also alongside these news stories there are the never ending amounts of other stories about the arguments people make about homosexuality being a sin and that these individuals deserve what is happening to them.

We can argue over what the Bible says about homosexuality, but one thing is utterly clear: Jesus clearly teaches us to love people, not to hate them, not to make them feel hated, and not to stand by while that is happening.

If you take a look at several of the scriptures within the Bible it is evident that Jesus was known for loving the very people that the religious people of his time had condemned and cast out.  So according to Jesus we need to defend and not attack or stand by and watch the attacking of these individuals that associate with the LGBTQ community.  We need to act like morally correct Christians and love one’s neighbor as one’s self.

I am done with all of this talk about what the Bible says about homosexuality.  People need to start taking a good look at themselves in the mirror and make sure that if they are committing themselves to being Christian and stating that they adhere to all aspects of that faith, then they need to learn to love all individuals no matter what they may view as flaws.  I find it completely heartless for people to state that the LGBTQ community deserves all of the backlash they receive.  No true Christian or morally just human being should ever wish this treatment on another individual.


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