Danger To Suppress Feelings

By Justina Patch

A new study suggests that people who repress their own sexual attraction to the same-sex are more likely to express hostility towards gays.

In their own self defense those who experience feelings that they know are not easily accepted tend to want to be apart of the larger society and will do anything to make sure that others know that they are, even if it means making fun of the exact group they are a part of.

In this study 4 experiments were conducted between the U.S and Germany with an average of 160 college students.  Within this study researchers attempted to measure any differences between what people say about their sexual orientation and how they actually react.  The results of the study showed that participants with parents accepting of homosexuality were more open and aware of their implicit sexual orientation.  However, those with authoritative parents were more likely to deny their implicit sexual orientation.

Individuals who identify themselves as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same-sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves.

Maybe those who are homophobic may want to dig deeper into themselves and see if they have some underlying feelings that they need to get in touch with.  It will only be healthier for these individuals if they accept themselves for who they are.  Yes, they may receive backlash from a lot of other people, but your own happiness should come first to everything.  Also if those who are homophobic look at their own feelings then there may be less homophobic incidents within society.


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