By: Rob Cavaliere

Recently the fitness industry has seen a spike in the number of predetermined workout programs. P90X is the “staple” of the group with supplement company MET-RX set to release a similar plan later this spring, but the question I have is do these systems truly work, or is it all just a gimmick? Surprisingly the answer is yes! If you have enough time to workout 6-7 times per week, and are looking to tone your muscles without “bulking up” like Arnold Schwarzenegger  then it absolutely is worthwhile.

P90X uses a system called muscle confusion, the purpose of muscle confusion is to constantly change up the amount of weight and exercises that you are doing. The purpose of this is to hit all of the different muscles throughout   the body. The workout set is pretty expensive (usually about $

90.00) but on Ebay.com I found it for as little as $60.00.

For any beginner who does not know how to put together their own workout plan these predetermined workout routines are not a bad way to go. It may take some time to find the program that touches on everything you are looking for. If you can find what your looking for, I encourage this as an option for any novice fitness freak.



The Truth about In Home Workout Plans


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