If you tell someone about themselves, then you love them. True or false?

by: Darlene Charles

The answer is true. When you’re in a relationship you should be able to tell the person about themselves, whether they are acting out or act in a way that is harmful towards others. You should be honest and be able to tell them about their bad habits. It’s about being comfortable enough to share and give advice on anything and everything about the person that you are in a relationship with.

Nervous Man Talking 2 a Woman

Photo: by Nick Papakyriazis Flickr/CC

When you love someone you are willing to tell them the truth. Just like that old saying, “The truth hurts.” Well, so does love. Loving someone is being comfortable. Loving someone is looking out for their best interest. Lori Deschene says it best:

Looking for seeds of truth in criticism encourages humility. It’s not easy to take an honest look at yourself and your weaknesses, but you can only grow if you’re willing to try. Learning from criticism allows you to improve.

It’s all about being honest. Tell them. It may hurt at the moment, but it will surely sink in for the future.


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