Section 328 vs. Crazy Boston Girl

You’d expect to see a fight, even between two girls, at a Boston Red Sox vs. Yankees game. But this didn’t even happen at one! This particular smackdown happened at a Yankees/Tigers game. What was the Boston fan even doing there!?

Youtube – On a cold blistery night in the Bronx, the Yanks battled the Tigers, while in the stands, one crazy Boston fan tries to take on Section 328. Things didn’t work out for her.

Barstool: Typical Yankee scum.    Too afraid to fight this heroic kind of cute kind of fat Red Sox fan one on one like a man.     Instead it’s all of section 328 vs. this chick.    Plus they have the higher ground.   And anybody who knows anything about military tactics and bleacher fighting knows that having the higher ground is half the battle.

More like typical Boston scum. If you’re going to put something up like this and defend the girl who was a fan for a team not even playing, goaded the Yanks fans, left her seat to pursue a confrontation and then threw the first punch, you better have something better than ‘they have the higher ground.’ Please. She’s an obnoxious Boston fan through and through trying to make a small problem huge and she’s in someone else’s backyard. If you ask me, she got what she was asking for, literally. She wanted a fight in New York, so she got kicked down the stairs for having a big mouth.


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