Basketball Bumps

By Mitch Moise

This past weekend the NBA playoffs started, as the Boston Celtics faced off against the Atlanta Hawks. The game was won by the Hawks but the biggest story of the night was the actions of Celtic All Star Rajon Rondo towards the end of the game.  He bumped the referee in frustration after a terrible call against his team resulting in Rondo getting ejected from the game. As a result, he has been suspended for the next playoff game. What many Celtics fan are saying is that, it can be seen as the referee’s fault in some way? If the referee makes the correct call, the ‘bump’ Rondo gave him never happens. In fairness this isn’t a backyard pick up game. These men are playing for their livelihood and depend on the right calls being made sometimes in order to be successful at their job. The referee is untitled to his own personal safety but in the heat of a big game, the referee should understand that emotions do run high. Guys are giving their all and because of a bad call, not only did the Celtics lose their star player, but also might have resulted in them losing the next game as well.


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