Don’t Curse in Middleborough, You Might Get Fined

There is actually a law, outdated and unused but a law nonetheless, against cursing in public. But residents of Middleborough really want to take it to the next level. Curse out loud and you may be getting handed a $20 fine.

CBS Boston: “Public swearing is so bad in Middleborough that they’re considering a plan to start enforcing a longstanding but rarely-used law. The town’s police chief has proposed to give $20 tickets to vulgar loudmouths as a deterrent to downtown air pollution.“We have a lot more important things to do,” says Chief Bruce Gates, “but these are things that are quality of life issues, community policing issues that a lot of people don’t want to see downtown.”

Middleborough Police CBS Boston

Barstool: “Obviously Chief Wiggim you don’t have more important things to do. You just don’t. If you did you wouldn’t be wasting your time with this foolishness. I mean I know very little about Middleborough but I guarantee you this much. The swearing is no different there than it is in any other town in America. You’re just looking for something to pass the time. Trying to get your name into the National Geographic.”

I have to agree with El Presidente on this one. How many more important things could you have to do if you have the time to pass out tickets for saying DAMN! when you stub your toe? I highly doubt there are no drugs or underage drinking in Middleborough and I’m sure the police could  be focusing on that rather than writing tickets that nobody is going to pay or respond to. With the link to the news video, surprisingly the younger generation is claiming it is how kids are raised and its a family problem. But the adults just think its a problem. Hm, I wonder why?


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