Student Suspended Over Watching “Glee” reported a story about a student at a very strict Christian college in South Carolina, Bob Jones University, who is being suspended and banned from graduation ceremonies due to watching the gay-friendly Fox hit “Glee”.

Umm…what?! It’s stories like this that complicate the whole issue of “Church v. State” and how this school is blurring the lines between civil rights and religious beliefs. The article states “Peterman says he knew what he was getting into when he first attended the strict university as the school is known for its intense student rules. It has banned sex, smoking, watching TV on campus, stealing, owning hardcore pornography and much more.” (St. Amand) Legally, if you wanna smoke a Marlboro while watching the latest Kardashian ‘reality show’ – in this country, that is your right.

But – in private educational institutions, it has been said that “your civil rights end at the door”. However, doesn’t someone think that there should be some sort of limit of how far that can go?!

Also, as a side LOL – can we just giggle that the fact that Bob Jones University initials are B. J. U? (Blow Job University?!) Gotta love a good gay pun!

For the full article, check it out here!


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