Going out with a bang: Emmanuel recognizes student leaders and wraps up the year’s events

Sara Berthiaume

Reading day at Emmanuel means a few things: avoiding studying for finals, Student Leadership Awards and Moonlight Breakfast. The Office of Student Activities & Multicultural programs (OSAMP) took some time yesterday evening to recognize student leaders during their 12th annual Student Leadership Awards reception. Many colleges and universities host these end of the year recognition ceremonies, like North Dakota University. Last night, awards were given to students who played an active role in co-curricular life on campus throughout the past year.

CASE seniors and their awards at the 2012 Student Leadership Awards Reception (LtoR: Lauren Burgess, Lindsay Perreault, Kelsey Overman, Stephanie Hellestead, Samantha Doyle, Sara Berthiaume, Matthew Beckwith)
Photo: Sara Berthiaume

A few of the awards given out were for events of the year, excellence at Emmanuel, leaders of classes 2012-2015 and organization of the year. Also winning organization of the year for 2011-2012, students involved with Campus Activities and Student Events went home with fifteen awards!

Harry Potter Moonlight Breakfast Spring 2012 – CASE
Photo: Sara Berthiaume

Following the reception, CASE rushed to set up for the final event of the year with its traditional, end-of-the-semester Moonlight Breakfast. While faculty served up breakfast, students enjoyed the Harry Potter theme, with the t-shirt tagline: Halo Potter and the deathly finals.

Hopefully the event gave students the fuel they needed to get through finals week. As CASE bids adieu to its seven seniors, there is no doubt that many organizations contributed to the overall success of student life at Emmanuel this past year. Next year will present a whole new opportunity for countless student leaders to
take the campus by storm.


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