Sound and Fury: The Review

By Raven Heroux

Photo by: Sean Dreilinger (Flickr/CC)

The documentary Sound and Fury follows the lives of two families: one Deaf family with all deaf children and one hearing family with one deaf child. The hearing family struggles with deciding between giving their infant a cochlear while the Deaf family struggles with their five-year-old daughter asking for one.

There is a lot of talk from the Deaf family members about how cochlear implants will make the child more robot than hearing. My only qualm with the film: the Deaf family is so torn between allowing their five-year-old daughter to get the CI or denying her it that they actually begin to contradict themselves and change their views the entire time; it’s very distracting.

A little over an hour long, this documentary is both informative and heated as the families battle with this decision. The hearing family and Deaf family are actually related, and things get a bit messy at a family cookout. The biggest worry of the Deaf family: their child won’t be a part of the Deaf world or the hearing world.

The decision on whether or not to give a child a cochlear implant is a tough decision, and this film shows just how much of a family issue this is. Because of all the conflicting views about the subject, I would take this documentary with a grain of salt.

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