Start from the End……


Creative Commons

By Ian Robinson

At this point, I have twenty-two pages of a screenplay. Most of which is action, slashing, shooting, tearing, and explosions. But  a screenplay should be more than just special effects and lots of death. Being a talented writer means that you have to keep the audience interested in the movie just by the dialogue alone.

Dialogue is what creates the movie, it builds the characters up from the start. The first part of my movie has been action, I want the second to be more dialogue oriented. This is why I’ve decided to start over, from the end. The end meaning when the end begins, the beginning of the outbreak. I want to build my first character here, a struggling child who gets sick and is then given a pill. The child is picked on through most of his sickness, which increases the amount of pills he has to take due to his increasing anger problems. I also needed to find out what a depressed child does, how he/she acts. For this, I visited this website:

The part I will be working on now, is the beginning and where it all starts. This is where the momentum starts to pick up and gain its full speed. This is the part I want to work on for awhile, it needs to be perfect.


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