By Jasmine Barros

Being an art major leaves your pockets empty quicker than you can imagine.

Recently, I have been trying to put together my Alphaville photography set and it wasn’t until the last minute when I released that  I am dirt broke, it costs a whole lot to get your images printed  and the price of paper is also insane.

So the hunt for materials has lead to these conclusions:

Quality ink jet paper can vary in price depending on the finish and the brand. It can get a bit annoying especially if, you have no idea which brand of paper will be best. So make sure you test all the different finishes of paper by analyzing the little test sheets they offer in the store.

As a general rule of thumb I will continue to buy Inkpress premium paper. It is  inexpensive, on average it costs 25$ for 50 sheets and the printing quality is great.

So trying to be as fugal as possible I purchased a whole bunch of premier matte. Which I had to then return because it wasn’t the best choice for darker images, but it was not that big of a deal because Inkpress Luster costs about ten dollars more.

Another lesson learned is that coupons and discount cards  matter even if its only 10% off!

In the end I manged to save  around 20 dollars. I hope the search for my external hard drive is this easy.


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