Buy Tickets To See That Ridiculously Awesome Band

By Nora Cashell

Rev. N.L. Williams playing blues guitar while "Blind" Johnny Brown plays a resonator guitarEveryone has that band that they love, yet somehow always finds an excuse not to see them.
Whether they’re playing too far away or the tickets are too expensive, there is always some obstacle in the way of you and your favorite band.

Well seeing that band should be on your bucket list.

No matter what stands in your way – even if you have to take a plane or go on a boat-you need to that concert.

Elton John live LP

These tickets might cost you a month’s rent, but it is definitely an investment in memories. You can goto Ticketmaster or even craigslist to find a deal.

You’ll be around people who are die-hard fans just like you, not too mention in the same room as your favorite artist even if you are 500 yards away from them.

So go see that concert, even if you can’t afford groceries for that month-it’ll be well worth it.

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