Learn A New Language

By Nora Cashell

Whether you’re interested in German or Pig Latin, learning another language is something that should be on your bucket list.Panorama of Madrid, Spain

“There are more than 6,000 languages in the world, and while many of these are notcommonly taught and aren’t spoken in most countries, students can reap a variety of benefits, both academic and personal, from studying any foreign language.” wrote Kalli Damshen from the Standard Examiner.

[Exterior of the Coliseum, Rome, Italy] (LOC) Even if it’s just learning “Hello” in 10 different languages, you’ll be impressed by one’s ability to pick up these new words.

If you’re more serious about learning a new language than you could sign up for a course at your local college or give Rosetta stone a try.

So when in Rome, learn Italian.

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