The Big Question: To Go Completely Vegetarian, or Not?


Photo: Michael Hänsch Flickr/CC

By Danielle Gillette

After trying my hand at part-time vegetarianism for the past couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that full-blown vegetarianism and/or veganism isn’t really for me.

I know, I know, there are so many proven benefits to it- this article from the Vegetarian Times outlines several of them, including living longer, saving money and keeping your weight down.

One of the other benefits they cite is that it’s easy to make the switch to vegetarianism, and this ten-step transition guide tries to make the switch as easy as possible too.

Though it may not have been that easy for me, personally, to do even half-time vegetarianism this semester, that’s not to deter anyone else from trying! There are tons of vegetarian recipes out there, and making at least one meal a week vegetarian can have a big impact on your health and on the environment: according to Kathy Freston, if everyone in the U.S. went veggie for one day, we’d save 100 billion gallons of water.

So, though I may not be converting completely to vegetarianism, I will strive this summer to have at least one vegetarian day a week. Lots of great produce will be in season, and I’m looking forward to getting more veggie cooking experience from the comfort of my kitchen at home.


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