Meet the Writers

Jasmine Barros is a sophomore at Emmanuel College pursing an Individualized Major in Photography and French. Her interests include music, film and food.  Her blog is dedicated to the craft of image making. Showcasing her own work and work done by her peers, she hopes to continue to develop as an artist and continue her career in the arts.

Sara Berthiaume is a senior at Emmanuel majoring in English Communications and minoring in Management. As half of the entertainment chair on Campus Activities and Student Events, and always interested in the next fun thing,  she blogs about events in the area. Interested in travel, media and advertising, she is attempting to pursue a career in the field of advertising/marketing/PR. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she hopes to one day start her own company.

My name is Cam.  Im a junior at Emmanuel College studying English Communications with a minor in Psychology.  I have never blogged before,  but recently spent a summer driving across country with a friend so that is what i decided to make my blog about.
Caitlin Camara is a junior at Emmanuel College. She is an aspiring writer and hopes to one day work in the sports journalism or publishing field, as well as publish her own novel.

Kate Capuzzo is a junior at Emmanuel College, studying English Communication, Spanish, and Management. As a new intern at Sales Success Consulting Kate has been exploring website development and internet marketing strategy. Kate plans to follow her passion for language and continue writing for electronic media.

Brittany Carragher is studying English Communications, Global Studies, and Arabic at Emmanuel College. Carragher is a sophomore with a keen interest for journalism. Her career goal is to become an international news reporter. She enjoys the outdoors, travel, and movies. Carragher’s passion for movies specifically, independent films, has inspired her to compose this blog. She writes about the independent film industry in Boston. The blog covers things like indie films, award ceremonies, and local events. Check it out! 

Nora Cashell, a twenty-something college student majoring in English. She is a fan of Ernest
Hemingway and enjoys going out into the sea and dressing as an old man. In her free time, you can usually catch
her talking to strangers on the subway or obsessing over Bruce Springsteen. Intrigued, are you? Not only can you read her voice on the online Hub, you can listen to her radio show, Tuesdays at 9pm on

Rob Cavaliere is a Junior at Emmanuel College, majoring in Information Technology and minoring in English Literature. Rob loves finding new techie gadgets, especially those that somehow relate to sports or fitness. Rob is looking to Intern next semester at one of the various Social Media Corporations in the Boston area.

Darlene Charles is a senior at Emmanuel College that is pursing a major in English Communications, a minor in Religious Studies, and a certificate in French. She likes to call herself a hard-working, thriving, and strong-willed young female. She works at Emmanuel College Office of Development & Alumni Relations. She has interned at WCVB TV 5 News, as well as stayed an extra semester to gain more experience at WCVB TV 5 Chronicle. She has also coordinated a fashion show last summer. Darlene is a no-playing-games type of a girl who strives to do her best and learn from her mistakes. On her spare time, she loves to work out, read, watch movies cuddled under her sheets, and of course, we can’t forget, she loves to dance! Come see what Ms. Charles has to say about relationships. Most of the advice is from her personal experience, but she also hopes through writing these blogs that the advice are things she will do.

Alexandria Cronin, who goes by Alex, is a Junior at Emmanuel College. She is majoring in English Communications with a minor in Performing Arts. She is interested in travel and current events. Alex hopes to follow her passion for writing after graduation.

Aaron Jacob Drost is a Senior at Emmanuel College, majoring in English Communications. Since the fall, Aaron has interned at The Boston Bazaar where he has been blogging and covering local and regional fashion stories and events. Aaron plans to move on to New York to have a career in public relations and event planning.

Michelle Golonka, an English Communications major at Emmanuel, is the editor of the Hub online blog. With a minor in graphic design and a communication background, she is interested in the design and administrative aspect of blogging. She is interested in politics and current events, and hopes to someday work for an advertising firm.

Danielle Gillette is currently a junior at Emmanuel College majoring in Communications and minoring in Spanish. While not a vegetarian herself, she has enjoyed blogging about vegan and vegetarian food, restaurants, and events for the Hub Online.

Andrea Gonzales is a junior at Emmanuel College majoring in English Communications with a minor in Psychology. Her interests include traveling, food and music. Her blog is about her dating life. She certainly doesn’t claim to know more about the dating world than any other poor 21 year old trying to make something of a life in the hectic city. Rather, she has found herself in an interesting situation, dating an identical twin. This blog simply chronicles her tribulations and moments of clarity. Hope you Enjoy!

Raven Heroux is a junior at Emmanuel College majoring in English Writing and Literature. She is looking to get her master’s degree in either Publishing and Editing or Applied Linguistics. She enjoys ranting about grammar differences in English, American Sign Language, and Japanese.

Jessica Minton is an English Communications and American Studies major at Emmanuel College. She has a strong interest in food and drink and the restaurant industry in general. She’s always looking for great new spots and letting you know about places everyone living in Boston must check out.

Mitch Moise is a junior, majoring in communications at Emmanuel College. He currently interns at Brookline Access Television as a studio director and teaching assistant. Mitch hopes to someday work for ESPN as a sports analyst or open his own gym. Mitch is also very afraid of snakes. uhmm THE END?

Liz O’Malley is a sophomore at Emmanuel College. Born and raised in Milton, Mass she moved an adventurous 15 minutes away to attend college in Boston. Her passions include writing, clothes, and (unexpectedly) singing A Capella with Emmanuel College’s all female group For Good Measure. She hopes to finally leave Massachusetts for the Big Apple sometime between graduation and paying off some student loans. In the future she would like to work in the magazine world and hopes that tablets will never replace actual paper literature.

Jess Reynolds is a senior at Emmanuel, majoring in studio art and minoring in english lit.
Last fall she interned abroad at The Florence Newspaper in Florence, Italy, where she wrote and photographed for the english-written print edition. Interests include, art, vegetarian-eating cooking and drinking, traveling, culture, mopeds, hiking, snow/skate/surf-boarding, religion (as an observer not practitioner) and local advocation.

My name is Ian Robinson and am a junior here at Emmanuel College. I am majoring in political science, with a minor in English writting. While I have always wanted to become a lawyer, I also enjoy movies, so why not make one!! Creating a zombie movie allows me to make a bloody action film, so we’ll see how it goes.

Marianne Salza is a senior at Emmanuel College, majoring in Photojournalism.  The East Boston native interned as an assistant at Panopticon Gallery in Kenmore Square, blogging about the photographers represented. Her hobbies include, dancing, photography and periodically alternating idiomatic accents frivolously for droll effect amongst bystanders.


Jeremy Scanlon. I’m a senior at Emmanuel College, with a major in English Communications and a minor in Psychology.  I’m a member of the Emmanuel College soccer team, and wish I still played competitive basketball.  I love sports, and as my days playing on competitive teams are numbered, writing about them is all I have left. Well, that and fantasy sports. Which I also write about.

Meghan Tschaikowsky- Hi. I’m a senior at Emmanuel College studying English Communications. I’m attempting to take on a beat to the hip (and important!) lady issues going on in this funky country. Hope you enjoy your reads.

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