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I Like What You’re Wearing


By: Liz O’Malley

Apparently my generation (those of us who are currently between the ages of 13 to 30) are beign referred to as “millenials”.

That being said, us “millenials” are defintiley different than any other generation- the way we conenct to one another and society in general is completely revolutionary. I think I speak for more than myself when i say i suffer from a smart phone addiction.

Social media and technology has affected every aspect of our lives. It’s about time it’s affecting the way we dress, too.

Introducing I Like What You’re Wearing , a new website hoping to revolutionize the way millenials shop and share fashion inspiration.

ILWYW  aims to become a magazine/online store/ social media website. Shoppers can read fashion articles written by fashion bloggers, and purchase pieces on the spot. The website also aims to support small-scale up and coming designers, which is really pretty awesome. The mission of the website is to spread unique fashion opportunities to people who would otherwise get stuck shopping at your run of the mill shopping mall.

They want people to just wear what they like, instead of becoming slaves to universally accepted and accessible fashion houses. They’re kind of like fashion saviors for suburban sartorialists.

ILWYW is hoping to incite a “fashion revolution”. They want to take fashion  and style back, supporting small businesses and giving not only new designers but fashion writers opporutnities to be heard.

Well, I can’t complain about any of that. As soon as ILWYW get off the ground, I will be most definitely be getting an account.

I’ve been posting recently about brands that are immoral and inhumane. Hopefully sites like ILWYW will help people recognize that there are other, BETTER, options to look good and feel good.


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Dressing Responsibly

By: Liz O’Malley

As a college student in Boston, I have a love/hate relationship with Newbury Street. I love it for obvious reasons: the stores, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the street musicians. I hate it because all of these things (besides the Berklee kids plucking away on street corners) cost more money than I make in two weeks.


After wandering the length of Newbury, drooling over window displays and

contemplating opening up multiple credit cards, the huge silver letters of “FOREVER 21” always greet me like a beacon of hope. Hope that I, too, can afford to be fashion-forward. The affordable, 3 floor emporium of trendiness houses unlimited material temptations that you can’t help but indulge in (although when everything costs roughly $15, is it really an indulgence?)

After learning these facts, however, I will not be blinded by the flashy colors and low prices.

  • Forever 21 exploits illegal immigrants in the United States. They set up factories in California that hire undocumented workers and pay them far less than a living wage. They also have shops set up in China, Indonesia, and other countries over seas, paying those workers even less.
  • Surprisingly, the owners of the company are HUGE Evangelical Christians (I guess Christianity is okay with exploiting workers and selling booty shorts. My mistake, I didn’t know) They’ve actually discriminated against workers on a religious basis.
  • They’ve also been accused of copying designers, which has gotten them in a whole lot of copyright trouble. (While this isn’t inhumane, it’s just kind of a lousy thing for a person to do.)

39th and Broadway, a blog about the New York Fashion Industry, advocates against Forever 21 due to their immoral behaviors.

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The Best Summer Job in America

by Liz O’Malley

Photo: Druh Scott - Flickr/CC

Summer jobs are notoriously bad. From children’s clothing to overpriced gourmet groceries, I’ve pulled on more than my share of polyester-blend uniforms and taken my spot behind the cash register one too many times. When you’re 15, a dead-end job isn’t that depressing. College students, however, want to get something more than an unsightly t-shirt tan out of their summer

Jack Wills is a British clothing company geared towards slightly preppy style  savvy young adults. (Think Abercrombie and Fitch meets Kate Middleton). Their Newbury St. location opened up in October of 2010 and has found massive success with their Boston fan base. Any clothing obsessed student would die to get a job here, but this summer they are offering an amazing deal.

Jack Wills is offering a contest for “The Best Summer Job in America”. One boy and one girl will each win $20,000, as well as a six-week internship on Nantucket, working as a “seasonnaire” (Jack Wills’ term for “ambassadors for the brand who live the Jack Wills lifestlye).

Along with living in the posh Jack Wills Nantucket house, winners will travel to Jack Wills’ other prep-heaven locations in Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Southampton, and even their flagship store in London.

Getting paid to live on Nantucket, wear great clothes, and being able to call it an “internship”? Sounds like the best summer job in America to me.

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