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If you tell someone about themselves, then you love them. True or false?

by: Darlene Charles

The answer is true. When you’re in a relationship you should be able to tell the person about themselves, whether they are acting out or act in a way that is harmful towards others. You should be honest and be able to tell them about their bad habits. It’s about being comfortable enough to share and give advice on anything and everything about the person that you are in a relationship with.

Nervous Man Talking 2 a Woman

Photo: by Nick Papakyriazis Flickr/CC

When you love someone you are willing to tell them the truth. Just like that old saying, “The truth hurts.” Well, so does love. Loving someone is being comfortable. Loving someone is looking out for their best interest. Lori Deschene says it best:

Looking for seeds of truth in criticism encourages humility. It’s not easy to take an honest look at yourself and your weaknesses, but you can only grow if you’re willing to try. Learning from criticism allows you to improve.

It’s all about being honest. Tell them. It may hurt at the moment, but it will surely sink in for the future.

Emmanuel College Celebrates Day of Silence

by Aaron Jacob Drost

April 20th is the National Day of Silence for the LGBTQ community and Emmanuel College did its part to celebrate!

(image: G. Callanta, photog.)

Emmanuel’s LGBTQ Group, OUTspoken collaborated with HUELLAS for the International Day of Love Celebration on April 20th in the quad. OUTspoken emulated the “No H8” campaign made famous by Hollywood celebrities who posed for photos with duct tape over their mouth, expressing their silence for the LGTBQ community. On the quad, student were able to take their picture with duct tape silencing them and write on note cards why they were silent. From being silent for loved ones to silent for inequalities as whole, over 100 Emmanuel students participated!

To see the images, check out OUTSpoken’s Facebook page, Emmanuel College OUTspoken


Is My Mom Reading Smut?!

By Meghan Tschaikowsky

So, I recently got my mother a Kindle for her birthday. I had pictured her using it for cooking recipes, reading some classic novels, or perhaps browsing through Better Homes and Garden magazine. But after reading this article on Bust online, I have been both cringing and laughing at the possibility  of my mom reading soft-core porn.

Data shows that romance novels are topping the charts for the most popular genre of books downloaded on electronic reading devices. According to a Time Magazine article, 50% of people who use Kindles are over 50 years old and  23% of those readers are under the age of 60 (Ah! my mom is 58!). So what do these statistics say?  That the baby-boomer generation seems to be pretty lonely? That they’re desperate for a little excitement in their lives? I think yes.

As they say, sex sells. But I bet you the makers of the Kindle weren’t expecting these kinds of statistics.

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