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AZ government negates scientific facts.

By Meghan Tschaikowsky

If you had your doubts about the Virgin Mary actually being a virgin, well now Arizona Legislation can clear matters up for you.

For most states, abortion is prohibited past the point where the fetus could survive outside the womb on its own. This, according to medical professionals, is 22-24 weeks after conception. However, Arizona is now giving its women 20 weeks (in some cases 18 weeks) to decide or even get the chance to get an abortion. Why? Because AZ government considers gestation to commence on the date of the last menstruation, not on the date of actual conception.What does this mean for women? Even if you’re on birth control, refraining from sex, or even a virgin, you will be considered pregnant the day after your period ends.

And Arizona Legislators aren’t making the abortion process any easier for women either. Check out these authorized demands:

The real kicker to this whole oppressive matter? A woman, Governor Jan Brewer, signed the new bill into law.

I agree with what Intern Kerishma posted about this matter in that,

“What’s problematic about this bill is that the AZ government is using this to legally define a woman as pregnant even before the date of conception to specifically restrict access to abortion – and that sets a dangerous precedent for an increased governmental involvement in women’s reproductive systems. That a piece of legislation – and not a doctor – can declare when life starts and when an abortion can or can’t be calculated is ridiculous, and little too Handmaid’s Tale for it to be OK.”

Not only is the government restraining reproductive rights, they’re actually invalidating proven scientific facts.

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Getting Help

by Caitlin Camara

Most people just assume that they would never fall victim to domestic abuse, but one in every four women experiences domestic violence within her lifetime.

That being said, I think it’s important to note the resources available to these women.

Some websites that offer self-defense instruction are:

While all these websites are great, I can’t help but wonder just how effective these techniques would be.  Without interacting with a trainer or ever trying out the moves, how can one tell whether one is performing the trick properly and if it will work? I think enrolling in a class to learn self-defense is the smartest option.

Either way, there are some tips that every woman should know:

  1. If a person tries to attack you, get close to him and block his arm with yours
  2. Grab his armed hand (if armed) and kick his groin with your knee while putting pressure on the nape of his neck
  3. Once the attacker is in pain, twist his arm to pull the weapon out of his grip
  4. Once you have it, lock your shoulder with his, punch and push him to the ground
  5. As he falls to the ground, flee from the spot as soon as you can.
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