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The Best Summer Job in America

by Liz O’Malley

Photo: Druh Scott - Flickr/CC

Summer jobs are notoriously bad. From children’s clothing to overpriced gourmet groceries, I’ve pulled on more than my share of polyester-blend uniforms and taken my spot behind the cash register one too many times. When you’re 15, a dead-end job isn’t that depressing. College students, however, want to get something more than an unsightly t-shirt tan out of their summer

Jack Wills is a British clothing company geared towards slightly preppy style  savvy young adults. (Think Abercrombie and Fitch meets Kate Middleton). Their Newbury St. location opened up in October of 2010 and has found massive success with their Boston fan base. Any clothing obsessed student would die to get a job here, but this summer they are offering an amazing deal.

Jack Wills is offering a contest for “The Best Summer Job in America”. One boy and one girl will each win $20,000, as well as a six-week internship on Nantucket, working as a “seasonnaire” (Jack Wills’ term for “ambassadors for the brand who live the Jack Wills lifestlye).

Along with living in the posh Jack Wills Nantucket house, winners will travel to Jack Wills’ other prep-heaven locations in Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Southampton, and even their flagship store in London.

Getting paid to live on Nantucket, wear great clothes, and being able to call it an “internship”? Sounds like the best summer job in America to me.

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