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The Half-Way Plunge

By Andrea Gonzales

There are make-it or break-it moments that pop-up in long term relationship but before you start discussing the difference between ivory and egg shell for wedding dresses you might be discussing it for wall paint.  According to US Census, “between 2009 and 2010, there was a 13 percent increase, (868,000) in the number of opposite-sex couples who were cohabiting. In 2009, there were an estimated 6.7 million unmarried couples living together while in 2010 there were 7.5 million” (2010).

            The summer months have brought up this question for my boyfriend, Connor and I. It just so happens that Shane, his twin brother, is leaving toMartha’s Vineyard for a summer employment opportunity and subletting his room in the apartment he shares with Connor and four other friends. At the same time, I was looking to stay in Boston due to a  job. It seemed like a natural fit until I brought it up to a few girlfriends who strongly opposed–

“Don’t you need your space!?” –Kristen Stewart of Emmanuel College

“You two will definitely get sick of each other, no question!”Christina Konstantopolous of MCPH

There feelings certainly reflect what many believed twenty or 25 years ago,“…if you were cohabiting and then married then, the marriage was more likely to dissolve and end in divorce,” says Jay Teachman, a sociology professor at Western Washington.

“Today, that’s not the case. You can cohabit with your spouse and not experience increased risk of divorce. We’re making these finer distinctions that we didn’t make before.” “The nature of cohabitation has changed”. (Jason, Sharon. Living together no longer ‘playing house’, USA Today 2007).

 (Barbie and Ken, Toy Story 3. 2004.)

 So why are more couples deciding to move in together before hitting the alter? Rose Kreider of the Housing and Economic Statistics Division, believes it is due to the economic recession, and that the length of unemployment. “The fact that a higher proportion of new couples are younger may also make it difficult for them to find jobs in a tough economy when older workers with more skills are also looking for jobs” (Kreider, Rose. US Census. 2010).

            Cheaper rent at another location is exactly what kept Connor and I from NOT moving in together (and possibly some fear from friendly advice). The two of us being the clever people we are, found a solution and are living a street down from eachother to remain close while still giving eachother some space.

A few more months…..


Creative Commons

By Ian Robinson

A few months from now, a screenplay one hundred and twenty pages long will be completed. Having told my Professor that I had twenty-two pages of my screenplay submitted, he told me that I was a hundred pages away…. I had no idea. A screenplay should be about this length, if not longer which places the movie around two hours.

Questions pop into my head every time I place my hands on the keyboard, ready to put myself into the story of three heroes fighting hell for each other. To me, a good movie is more than just actors, a plot and good graphics. It is another world, one which draws you in mentally and physically. I want the movie to become your reality, I want your seats to fade away beneath you and be replaced by the cold, nerve biting snow in my movie. The people sitting next to you should fade into nothing as you become one of the heroes, slicing off one zombies head at a time.

And at the end, I want the conclusion to gently place you back in your seats, becoming involved in the characters on the screen. They are real, actual humans. The audience should leave the theater in tears, and begging for a next one. To do this, I decided to take another look at a website that offered some ideas on how to do this,



Learn A New Language

By Nora Cashell

Whether you’re interested in German or Pig Latin, learning another language is something that should be on your bucket list.Panorama of Madrid, Spain

“There are more than 6,000 languages in the world, and while many of these are notcommonly taught and aren’t spoken in most countries, students can reap a variety of benefits, both academic and personal, from studying any foreign language.” wrote Kalli Damshen from the Standard Examiner.

[Exterior of the Coliseum, Rome, Italy] (LOC) Even if it’s just learning “Hello” in 10 different languages, you’ll be impressed by one’s ability to pick up these new words.

If you’re more serious about learning a new language than you could sign up for a course at your local college or give Rosetta stone a try.

So when in Rome, learn Italian.

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