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Emmanuel College Music Fest Features Many Local Bands

By Kerry Clayton

For one of their last events of the semester, EC Radio held a free Music Fest on the quad this past Saturday.

I caught nearly all 12 bands that played the show. Not only was each one talented, but they were all unique. Many of the bands stayed for the entire six hour show to listen to one another, which I felt showed a great kinship and support of the local music scene. Some bands gave out free demo recordings to Emmanuel students and told us about upcoming shows they are playing.

Some of the bands at the concert were Long Lost, Tea Leigh, Steve Subrizi, Devil and A Penny, and Camden. My favorite performances were by guys named Max and Mulholland and the band The Novel Ideas. I absolutely recommend checking them out; they sound a little like The Decemberists and Fleet Foxes.

The goal of the show was for EC Radio to raise money for a charity to help tornado victims in the Midwest.

“The show was diverse, fun, and had a good turn-out. We are proud to have raise some money for charity and hope that it can be of help.”

-Sarah Tortora, EC Radio Event Coordinator

Next year there will be plenty more live music events on Emmanuel’s campus. College students can look forward to one more EC Radio open mic event for the semester this Thursday, April 26th, from 8-11pm.

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Go Vegetarian and Go Green

By Danielle Gillette

Low Carbon Diet Day

An example of a Bon Appetit poster for Low Carbon Diet Day. Photo: Vince Maniago/Flickr CC

Today in the Emmanuel College cafeteria it was Bon Appetit’s fifth annual Low Carbon Diet day, where the food served is chosen for the purpose of reducing our carbon footprint. Food items like meat, cheese, and processed and packaged snacks can have a negative impact on the environment because of the greenhouse gases given off in producing and shipping them.

Bon Appetit outlines their five main principles for a low carbon diet on their blog, and they include not wasting food, buying local and in-season foods, and “mooooving away from beef and cheese” (their play on words, not mine).

But, you might ask, what does this have to do with vegan/vegetarian-ism? (Or maybe you aren’t the kind of person who asks blog posts rhetorical questions, I don’t really know.)

The answer is that adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet is one of the best ways to help lower the carbon footprint of the food industry. In one of PETA’s articles on the subject, “Fight Global Warming by Going Vegetarian,” they cite the following impressive and/or scary statistic, depending on your point of view:

 Producing one calorie from animal protein requires 11 times as much fossil fuel input—releasing 11 times as much carbon dioxide—as does producing a calorie from plant protein.

If “eleven times more” doesn’t mean a whole lot to you, consider the following (also from the same article): “a vegan is responsible for the release of approximately 1.5 fewer tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year than is a meat-eater.”

1.5 fewer tons of greenhouse gases per person can really start to add up if more people adopted vegan/vegetarian diets, even a few times a week. And as I learned in the Emmanuel cafeteria today, low carbon food does not mean lower quality.

With Earth Day coming up (April 22nd), it’s the perfect time to try going veg or at least going local when it comes to food.

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Cheap Guitar Lessons at Emmanuel

By Kerry Clayton

Music guitar

Photo: @Doug88888/Flickr CC

Good news for Emmanuel College students who want to learn to play guitar! Junior Joel Blank is giving cheap lessons in Saint Joe’s Basement.

I asked Joel why he decided to start giving lessons, and he said he would like to eventually become a professor and the teaching experience will be beneficial. Joel is a Music Cognition major and music has always been a main interest for him.

Music a great outlet and it’s easy to get discouraged. I want the experience to be positive.”

-Joel Blank

Joel’s love for guitar began when he started lessons in the eighth grade. In high school, he continued the lessons with a new teacher that Joel says “focused more on technique and was more patient than the last.” This is what Joel hopes to bring to his own lessons.

You can catch Joel playing at Emmanuel College’s Performing Arts Festival on March 23rd. Joel is also a member of the Colleges Of the Fenway Jazz Band.

If interested in guitar lessons, contact Joel: blankj@emmanuel.edu

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